Drone filming allows to film vessels from above the water and so offers viewers a bird’s eye perspective of them without compromising on crystal clear HD footage. For the yachting industry this is a hugely effective and cost-efficient way to capture the imagination of the audience.


  • Allows to overcome the main challenge of filming at sea and capture smooth shots without compromising on HD quality
  • Cost effectiveness and time efficience
  • Flexibility and endless usefulness  allowing to capture footage impossible to get with any other equipement onboard a vessel as allows to get close-up aerial shots
  • Innovative and dynamic way of marketing your vessels


  • Aerial imagery and motion pictures for marketing purposes
  • Inspections


We are CAA approved, we hold a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) and have all the necessary insurance to perform commercial jobs legally. We can operate by day and by night. With safety being paramount to us we plan and risk assess each job individually in accordance with our CAA-approved  Operations Manual. At Iphantom we also do our utmost to provide a high quality service and fast turnaround time, every time.


Here below is our price guide to our UK aerial photography services. Our drone aerial photography pricing may vary depending on the complexity, associated risks and location of the drone aerial photography. Please CONTACT US on 078 091 555 77 or EMAIL US at to discuss your project requirements.Note each job is unique and because all aerial photography drone flights are covered by CAA regulations we always carry out a detailed online Pre-flight survey before sending you a final quote.


  • FREE consultation
  • Planning, preparation & set up
  • Up to 1.5 hrs on site
  • Up to 5 High Resolution images
  • Up to 20 min flight time

360° Interactive Panorama

  • FREE consultation
  • Planning, preparation & set up
  • Up to 1 hr on site
  • 1 360° interactive panorama
  • Up to 20 min flight time


  • FREE consultation
  • Planning, preparation & set up
  • Up to 2 hrs on site
  • Up to 10 min raw video
  • Up to 20 min flight time

Market your vessels better with stunning aerial pictures

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